Stephen Dent: PANTR

Stephen Dent in Greenwich Island

Stephen Dent is heading the Penguin and Nematode Team of Researchers (PANTR) working out of Greenwich Island, Antarctica. Dr. Dent has a PhD in comparative anatomy from Duke and over 15 years of field research experience on exhibitions ranging from the North Pole to Antarctica and almost every continent in between. The basis of Stephen Dent’s research in Greenwich Island involves studying the interaction of Nematodes once they have become parasitic in a penguin colony.

Dr. Martina Perez is the lead research assistant for PANTR. Dr. Perez has a PhD in Zoology from the Universidad de Mexico and has severed on three major Antarctic expeditions. Dr. Perez handles the ins and outs of daily life for the penguins, assessing their physical state before, during, and after the course of the study.

The remainder of PANTR is made up of various grad students and doctoral candidates who serve one semester shifts at the PANTR facility on Greenwich Island. Graduate students provide invaluable help during the course of the study and receive the required field study hours needed to complete their degree.

Many Grad students rely on government funding and donations to fund their semester of field research. Any donations are welcome and can be donated to the program in general or can be designated to a specific graduate student.

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